The Best Mortgage Types

When it comes to the best mortgage plans, there are tons of varieties of mortgage plans that you can get. Each and every person has a different scenario of why they need a mortgage, and each person has a financial situation that they need to accommodate when paying bills. For this reason, the best mortgage plans are ones that cater to your specific needs and allow you to get a plan that works in your best interest. The following are different varieties of mortgage types available today for you to get.

Graduated Payment Mortgage

A graduated payment mortgage is perhaps the perfect option for a person who is just venturing out on their own for the first time and has a small entry-level salary income right out of college. If this sound like you and you are on the hunt for your first house, then a graduated payment mortgage may be perfect. A graduated payment mortgage is a mortgage payment plan that starts out with smaller payments at the beginning and then the payments gradually get larger over time. Thus, as you work your way up in your company and start earning a larger salary, you will be able to afford larger mortgage payments.

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Balloon Mortgage

A balloon mortgage plan, like other types of balloon loan plans, is a mortgage plan that allows you to pay the same monthly payment on a mortgage and then at the very end pay a lump sum of money toward the plan. A balloon plan has a set time period in which to pay the loan off, thus, the lump sum that you pay at the end is vital and is determined by the amount of money you still have left to pay on the mortgage plan.

Wrap Around Mortgages

A wrap around mortgage is a very convenient mortgage payment plan for those people who are buying a home with an existing mortgage. A wrap around mortgage plan allows you to take over a person's existing mortgage plan, which involves not only the payments that they have left but also the interest payment that they make on the plan. The good thing about wrap around mortgages is that it may be a cheaper endeavor for you than a full mortgage because you are not obliged to pay an initial down payment on the home mortgage.

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